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If I could only go back in time to when you only held me in my mind.

I’m only going running today because I wanna wear my new running tights.

Have you got MS ?

Indeed I do anon. Idk if I’ve ever told the entire story, but here is the readers digest version! I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis when I was 16. At that time I had no feeling below my waist, I was using a cane, had no sensation below the neck, no fine motor skills, and I was always in constant pain. I received steroids, they helped tremendously, I opted out of using any controlling meds. Made a full recovery. Was fine for about a year, had another relapse, not as bad, but it triggered the desire to try a controlling med. I started using copaxone, and I hated it. Had several minor relapses over the next year and a half-2 years. Last year I started Gilenya and I have been symptom free since then.

So yeah…. I have MS haha